Summer School on Transcription, Epigenetics and early Development Copy

This two week full-time course will teach the crucial concepts of regulation of gene expression, with a focus on the process of transcription at the molecular level, and also including concepts derived from cellular, developmental and disease states. Epigenetics, chromatin and genome organization will be taught, as well as state-of-the-art strategies and techniques in the field of gene regulation and genome research, all with a reference to human disease and development.

The course consists of a combination of lectures, exercises, literature and discussions and closes with a written exam. A large part is taught by leading scientists working in gene expression, chromatin control and/or early development.

Organisers: Marc Timmers and Sebastian Arnold (SGBM)

Confirmed lecturers:
Tugce Aktas – MPI, Berlin
Ibrahim Cisse – MPI, Freiburg
Sandra Hake – University of Giessen
Anna Pombo – MDC, Berlin
Yang Shi – Ludwig Institute, London
Dirk Schübeler – FMI, Basel
Nadine Vastenhouw – University of Lausanne

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Deadline of application: June 1, 2022

Registration: SGBM website