Research Program

Our Vision

Collaborative Research Centre 992 – Medical Epigenetics – from basic mechanisms to clinical applications

Modern bioscience has entered a post-genomic era that is highlighted by seminal discoveries in the area of epigenetics. Normal development, cell type identities and disease require a better understanding of chromatin and of epigenetic control. The DNA sequence alone does not explain all aspects of heritable physiology and pathology.

The CRC 992 »Medical Epigenetics«, MEDEP, provides a translational program for epigenetic research. Scientists from the University Freiburg Medical Centre, the University of Freiburg and the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics team up in a consortium that explores the following topics:

  • (A) Basic epigenetic mechanisms relevant to physiology and disease
  • (B) In vivo validation of epigenetic control in cellular assays and model organisms
  • (C) Translation of epigenetic principles to clinical applications

This program is supported by two core infrastructures. Project Z01 provides deep-sequencing and bioinformatics capacity for the generation and analysis of epigenetic profiles. Project Z02 offers a platform for rational drug design for small molecule inhibitors of epigenetic targets.

In addition, CRC 992 has established a PhD program (Integrated Research Training Group, IRTG) with a clear focus on epigenetics, which provides young researchers with a thorough understanding of epigenetic principles and methodologies.