Introductory lecture series on epigenetics, WS 2022/23

We are happy to announce the 6th edition of our “Introductory Lecture Series on Epigenetics” with high profile scientists from Freiburg, Saarbrücken, Munich and Basel.

The lecture is an important element in the education of PhD students but is of course also open for postdoctoral fellows and other scientists. It may also be of use for advanced undergraduate students with a good knowledge in Biochemistry (MSc level, 3rd-4th year Diploma or Staatsexamen).

It is not necessary to register.

The lecture takes place Wednesdays from 10:00 – 12:00 c.t.  in winter term 2022/23 at the lecture hall of the Institute of Biology 1 (Hauptstraße 1, D-79104 Freiburg). It will be given in English.

Certificate of attendance (minimum 12/15 lectures) will be issued upon request.

Please note: Based on changing pandemic regulations, we may switch to an online format. So please check our website regularly for updates.

Download here: *AGENDA*


Date Topic Presenter
02.11.2022 Introduction Jörn Walter (Saarbrücken)
09.11.2022 Epigenetics and Gene Transcription Marc Timmers
16.11.2022 Epigenetics and Drug Discovery Manfred Jung
23.11.2022 Polycomb Complexes and Reprogramming Nicola Iovino
30.11.2022 Single-cell Epigenomic Assays Sebastian Preissl
07.12.2022 Histone Modifications Robert Schneider (München)
14.12.2022 Dosage Compensation:
A model for chromatin and epigenetic regulation
Asifa Akhtar
11.01.2023 DNA Methylation Dirk Schübeler (Basel)
18.01.2023 Epigenetics in Early Development Sebastian Arnold
25.01.2023 Epigenetic Mapping and Computational Epigenomics Thomas Manke
01.02.2023 Epigenetics and Disease – Clinical Examples Michael Lübbert & Christian Flotho
08.02.2023 Studies of DNA Methylation in Human Populations Pascal Schlosser
15.02.2023 Non-Coding RNAs Rolf Backofen
22.02.2023 Epigenetics of Psychiatric Disorders:
Crossroads between Nature and Nurture
Katharina Domschke
01.03.2023 Epigenetics and Human Disease – Molecular Basis Heike Pahl