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Waltraut Lehmann

Waltraut Lehmann


Institution: University Freiburg Medical Centre
Department: Dept. of Visceral Surgery
Phone: +49-(0)761-270 26370
Homepage: Thomas Brabletz

2006 - 2011 Study of Molecular Medicine, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Oncology, Basel and Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg
2011 Diploma thesis in Molecular Medicine, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg
2012 - 2014 PhD student in the lab of Prof. Dr. Thomas Brabletz, Department of Visceral Surgery, University Freiburg Medical Centre
2015 PhD thesis, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg


  • Michaloglou C, Lehmann W, Martin T, Delaunay C, Hueber A, et al. (2013)
    The Tyrosine Phosphatase PTPN14 Is a Negative Regulator of YAP Activity. PLoS ONE 8(4): e61916